Wellness Trends of 2018

The health industry is an ever-changing and evolving industry, with people around the world always on the lookout for whatever is new and useful to everyday life. In the past, there wasn’t much talk as to what “health” and “wellness” are. These terms seemed to be archaic at best, and these weren’t important topics to talk about. However, as time went by, people started becoming more conscious of what they ate and how they lived their lives. More people began talking about the importance of eating clean and organic, and the move towards fitness and mind-relaxing techniques.

Consuming processed food might be harmful in the long runCan we now say that people are evolving? The answer is more complicated as you can imagine because while there is now a move towards wise decisions when it comes to eating and lifestyle, consumption is still at an all-time high. When people need to eat, they buy. When they need to exercise, they buy. And when they need to go for mind-relaxing classes, they buy. People can’t seem to get off the culture of consumption, that it seems almost automatic for everyone to purchase something when they need things. There is always a focus on “things” that creativity is almost killed with this reliance on purchases.

This culture of consumption puts the environment at the crossroads, too, with the pollution brought about by the manufacture and use of these products. Food packaging, exercise equipment, clothing, footwear, and shopping packaging are some of the things that cannot disintegrate in landfills. Therefore, most stay for hundreds of years, and this reality is what further pollutes the environment. So, in fact, this stage where people are becoming more conscious of what they eat and how they live their lives is still in its infancy. Many people still cannot get away from the need to purchase, the need to throw away, and the need to replace. It is because many are not sufficient enough to produce their own needs; therefore, dependence on others is very apparent still.

Now that we are almost midway through 2018, what wellness trends are becoming part of our lives? Are these trends here to stay, or are they one of the many fads that we encounter year by year?

If you are curious to know, here are the wellness trends of 2018 that are worth knowing—and trying:

1. The move towards ingredients “free” of this and that

Dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, GMO-free: you name it. We are sure you have seen it all, and you have encountered many products with these labels on them. There is a good reason why many people are now trying to get away from foods with dairy, gluten, preservatives, and GMOs on them. For one, research shows that these ingredients do more harm than good for people’s health. They cause many illnesses including endocrine disorders, cardiac ailments, immune system disorders, and hormonal imbalances, among others. Many things have already been said about the disadvantages of consuming products made with these ingredients, so it is understandable why people are avoiding these now. The problem is, foods made with dairy, sugar, gluten, preservatives, and GMOs can be highly addicting. There is something about the way they’ve been manufactured, and the way these ingredients work together. Unfortunately, these ingredients are shown not to be good for everyone’s health, and most of these are lifted from artificial sources. Therefore, when you eat or drink non-organic products, you also ingest the synthetics that come with the products. No wonder why many are suffering from various illnesses these days.

Organically produced food is gaining traction to health-conscious peopleAlthough “free” products are more expensive compared with those made with regular ingredients, the switch is a worthy investment in the long run. You get to secure your health by getting services from YinOva Center acupuncture in Midtown, NYC. You get to free yourself from unnecessary add-ons that have no right to be settling in your body. These ingredients only ruin your system, and it is highly unfair for you to subject your body to these products.

2. Growing your food at home

Cooking from scratch has been trendy in the past few years, thanks to small-time farmers and homeowners who started documenting their lifestyles. People have started getting obsessed with this kind of homegrown cooking, where people growing their fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat in their backyard, and making all their dishes from scratch. Seeing that this kind of lifestyle still exists in this consumer-driven world is something that is being romanticized by a lot of people. So, it is no surprise why many people have started joining the movement, too.

These wellness trends go to show that there is now an on-going movement towards decisions that are friendly to the Earth, the environment, and to fellow human beings. These trends are not easy (and cheap) to follow, but the key is to go with decisions that go with what you believe in. Do not follow trends just because everyone else is doing it.