Types of People who Fly on Private Jets

Private Jets are synonymous to class, extravaganza, upmarket, privilege… in short loads of money at disposal. Those who fly by private jets, for them it’s not about the money but about the lifestyle. The lifestyles of the rich and the famous who want to avoid the long ques, lengthy security checks, and the overall frustration of having to spend time at the airport.

For them obviously, every single second is about minting money. Well, private jets do provide the comfort, convenience and the flexibility to travel to even the remote airports not usually served by the general commercial flights.

Though companies are offering discounted rates for individuals willing to fly by the private jet, it is still beyond the reach of the millennials across the globe. With private jets becoming the most loved mode of transportation among the elitist, the question does pops who actually are these elite people who so casually fly the private jet. Well, let’s unveil the privileged and hope to be on that list someday.

Beyonce coming down from a private jet owned by Jay-Z1.Celebrities

The obvious on the list. Everyone from movie stars, music stars, internet sensations, influencers and others who enjoy the celebrity tag have the privilege to travel by private jets. Be it the Queen herself and other royalty members, the Kardashians, Brangelina, Beckhams’, Beyoncé, and Oprah or for that matter others under the same category fly by the private jets.

For them, a private jet is not another item to display their money power but an item of necessity. Yes, a private plane can be a necessity for some. They are avid travelers and have to travel all the time for work and career and to have their own plane makes their hectic schedule much easier, sorted and their lifestyle speedier. Find out more about the services offered by chartering company in New York, and if you belong to the category of high-end flyers, you are sure to get some of your favorite charter plane to fly into.

2. Athletes

Not just the glamorous stars on the screen have the fancy jets but the stars of the field, court and the grounds. Athletes are the other major users of private jets. It is no surprise to see names like Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, and Neymar on the list of people who enjoy these fancy rides. They not only travel by jet but also own the private jets.

Private Jets come handy when they are traveling back and forth to different countries and continents for their games and matches. They obviously want to spend more time in training than at the airports.

Tiger Woods is an athlete with a private jet3. Business Travelers

Apart from the celebrities, the business people are the ones who use the services of flying by private jets the most. With time being the most crucial element of any business it is required that the people in the business, be it the CEOs, the associates, investment bankers or others, save time by flying jet. They have to travel the world for meetings, discussions and dealings that are required to be done in person. It is not surprising to note that many crucial deals were done in air and decisions were taken when flying in the jet.

Apart from businessmen and women, it is used by physicians and other medical experts whose timely services can save life miles away. With time crunch private jets are the most suited mode of transportation for them.

4. Making Celebrations Grand

What could be a bigger and better present to give to the spouse, parents or children than making their special day more special by traveling in a private jet? Private jets provide the privacy and intimacy that one might need during traveling to make the celebration more personal and close.

Jets can be taken to some remote islands or airports as well where even the commercial planes do not go. Take the loved ones to those special areas and make the celebrations grander by flying high in a fancy ride.

5. You… yourself

Surprised!! You shouldn’t be. Seeing the current bank statement, this may seem like someone’s mocking at you, but for how long. It is not possible to achieve something without aiming and dreaming for it. After all the hard work and toil that you do on a daily basis, it is time to treat yourself better. You deserve some pampering and being spoilt. Put this on the bucket list and save money for it. Then on your birthday or any other day travel by a private jet to your favorite holiday destination. It is not that difficult and impossible as it may seem to be. Just remember you deserve it as well.

6. Group Travelers

Some people book the entire jet or the aircraft to travel to a certain destination as a group. These group travelers can be a family including extended family and pets, sports team, people traveling to conferences and corporate events, flying for a wedding or other parties, or for special milestone celebrations.

Flying by the private jet gives them privacy and more intimacy to celebrate even when travelling. They book the small, medium or large jets depending on the number of people flying. With companies providing discounts and concessions travelling in groups via a private jet is becoming the next big in thing.

Private Jets are bliss for those who cannot stand the crowded airports, the long-dreaded ques and the timeless wait at the airports. After all the wait and frustration one has to get cramped up in narrow sits with just minimal leg space. Then comes the tiring process of changing flights at unknown airports.

If this was not enough, there is always a risk of losing or damaging the luggage in the transportation. All this can be avoided and comfort, convenience and space can be invited by flying in the private jet.

With increasing competition in this sector companies are offering attractive prices and discounts so that the luxury of flying in a jet can be enjoyed by the maximum people. To avoid high spending, do some research well in advance for the aircraft flying to the desired destination. Last minute bookings are always costly. Plan and take the once in a lifetime trip in a private jet.