Skincare Routine for Adult Acne Breakouts

Many dermatologists say adult acne is more difficult to treat than teenage acne. It is because as you grow old, you get thinner and drier skin, therefore taking a long time before you get rid of pimples and scars. So, if you have always enjoyed a glowing and blemish-free skin until you reached adulthood, how can you get over this phase?

Before you start any routine, talk with your dermatologist first. Adult skin is sensitive, and you don’t want beauty products causing more harm to your skin. You have to make sure that what you are using is a good fit for your skin type. When you visit a dermatology clinic, first, your skin type will be determined as to whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Figuring out this skin type will determine what kind of treatment you are going to follow. So, it is crucial that you visit your skin doctor first before doing any treatment.

Adult acne can leave ugly scarsAnd before you start any treatment, know and expect that it will not be an easy road to take. As mentioned, adult acne is more difficult to treat compared with teenage acne. So, expect not to see results in a short period, and expect for the worst, too. Unfortunately, some acne scars never fade away so you would need to go through intensive treatments to get rid of these scars.

Fortunately, for others, treatments that they use work well for them. Finding a solution to adult acne does not only rely on solutions, but also on changing your lifestyle. You may have to change your diet and exercise routines to improve your skin. Also, you may have to get yourself checked for possible underlying diseases that are causing these breakouts.

Not sure of what to do? Just to give you an idea, here is an overview of a recommended skincare routine for treating adult acne breakouts. Remember to visit your dermatologist for a specific treatment routine:

Korean ten step routine can leave your skin silky smooth1. Use the right products

Before starting any beauty routine, be sure to use the right products for your skin type. As mentioned, do not simply purchase products off the shelves that are branded as “anti-acne.” Various products are made for specific skin types, so if you have dry skin, you must use products that are built for dry skin. From cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and anti-acne solutions, these products must be a good fit for your skin type.

2. Follow the skincare routine every day

If you do not have the time and patience for doing the recommended skincare routine every day, then all efforts will only be in vain. The basics of Korean skin care is notoriously famous for its ten-step method that features ten different products applied following subsequent steps. If the Koreans can do it, then so can you. Even if you are tired from a day’s work, be sure to allow time to complete your beauty routine. There are two different routines for morning and evening, so be sure to give time to do these. As a general rule, you start off with cleansing, then exfoliating, then hydrating, treating, and moisturizing. You also finish off with putting on protection with a substantial SPF level for your daytime routine. In the evening, you finish off with a face mask that you can wash off after 10-20 minutes.

Aside from the use of products, you must consider improving your diet if you don’t have a very healthy one. From processed foods, you can switch to only eating organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meat. You can also include daily exercise as part of your routine. Hopefully, these changes can help you get over your adult acne breakouts.