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Boxing Basics for Beginners to Avoid Injuries

All professional boxers have two things in common – sacrifice and hard work. A professional boxing workout can be very humbling for the average athlete. The mainstream fitness industry has exploded with favorite workouts derived from boxing. Cardio boxing and other fitness routines are a great way to burn calories, but traditional boxing workouts are made to serve several purposes. They are both physically and mentally challenging at the same time. Every step in training is carefully orchestrated to help the athlete become a well-rounded fighter.

Most new boxers are eager to get in the ring to see what they’re made of. However, the motivated pugilist won’t be able to spar for several months. After a trainer observes that the student is routinely coming to the gym, they may decide to take them under their wing.

Amateur boxers often wear head gear to avoid concussionBoxing Fundamentals

The fighter will have to learn to crawl before they can walk. One of the first things the trainer will tell the boxer to do is “road work.” Running daily will help the athlete get in shape before taking on a serious boxing routine.

The novice boxer will soon learn why boxing is referred to as the “sweet science.” Jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercut punches will be methodically thrown over and over. The fighter will also practice countless hours of footwork and shadow boxing. As the boxer continues to put in hours at the gym, muscle memory will start to take effect and the first stage of early fighting skills start to develop.

The boxer is still a long way away from being able to survive even one three minute round. However, at this point in training, the fighter should have a grasp on the basic fighting stance as well as a rudimentary understanding of footwork and throwing punches.

Throw a Better Punch

The novice boxer has evolved enough to learn how to hit the focus mitts with the trainer. The focus mitts are padded targets that the trainer utilizes to help the fighter develop punches. The trainer will also use the mitts to teach the boxer to slip punches and return fast combinations.
The fighter will also be introduced to bag work. The heavy bag will become the boxer’s bread and butter. This is where the boxer will start to develop power.

The double end bag and the speed bag are also essential elements of the fighter’s repertoire. These training bags will help develop hand-eye coordination as well as defense.

Putting It All Together

A boxer’s introduction to the sport is a building process that won’t happen overnight. When the trainer feels that the athlete has a solid foundation, they will cautiously let them progress to the next training evolution. The fighter will now be able to put their skills to the test in sparring.

Understanding Soccer’s Popularity Around the World

Why is soccer such a popular sport worldwide? One major reason is its accessibility for people from all walks of life. Soccer is a pastime that can be pursued by children regardless of their financial means, as it is not a sport requiring expensive outlay like some others. Many of the greatest players ever to grace a soccer field have grown up in poverty-stricken areas, honing their skills in the streets with limited equipment, even using tennis balls and makeshift goalposts.

Small children playing soccerYou have to believe that when a sport is the most popular in the world, based on the number of participants and spectators, there must be a good reason for so many people become attracted to it. As a sport played by men, women, and children, soccer has achieved a phenomenal standing in the world of sport as the most watched on the planet. Some sports are provincial in their appeal, but not soccer. This is a sport you find played and watched in every country in some form or another.

Some sports preclude people from poor backgrounds due to the expensive equipment or the environment necessary to pursue it. Golf has always been an example of this, considered at one time to be “a rich man’s sport.” Soccer, on the other hand, has always been accessible for people regardless of social standing and has always been a sport played and supported within local communities. Some of the more fanatical supporters pursue soccer as a way of life and have an almost religious fervor toward their soccer nation or club.

Another reason for the popularity of soccer around the world is the attachment fans develop toward a club or the players. Soccer is not just a game for some but is a life pursuit that affects how they live their life as they religiously take their place in the stadium, often at a high financial cost, to support their team. Many keen supporters travel all over the world to follow their chosen team, making the pursuit of soccer, the number one interest in life.

There is no doubt that soccer has replaced religion in the lives of many fanatical and avid soccer fans. Gone are the days when these people would gather in church on Sunday. Now, they gather in football stadiums any day of the week to worship the gods they have elevated due to their ability to play soccer. Soccer is a diversion for many people from the humdrum lives they lead, perhaps working all week to enjoy the outlet that soccer brings them.

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport for many reasons and will continue to attract participants and fans from all walks of life as a sport that is accessible for all. The attachment people feel toward their nation, club or players in the soccer arena will ensure it retains its place as the most popular sport on earth.